Atariscene DVD
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Content of Atariscene 2004

The Atariscene 2004 release is divided into two DVD discs, and have a total of 178 minutes playtime.
Our intention has been to show everything from the Atariscene released during the year 2004. However, there are most likely some releases missing, we're terribly sorry about those. At least we've done our very best to get it as complete as possible.
Below you can read the content of each disk. The diskmags are recorded for a minute browsing some articles and the menu. The musicdisks play a while (about 30-40 seconds) of each track. For the 2004 edition, we have added some control functions; intro collections and megademos can now be browsed thru via chapters (previous/next on your dvd-remote).
The content of Atariscene 2004 disc one
  • 1.0 by Evolution
  • 1999 by Tobe / MJJ Prod
  • 1st Step by MJJ Prod
  • An Eskimeau Experience by DHS
  • Are You Sitting Comfortable? by Res.Gods
  • Atari Behn Trist Mix by Ephidrena
  • Atari-Forum Megademo by Various
  • Cosmotro by Exocet, Cooper & Dma-Sc
  • Dazed by Evolution
  • Deeztort by Evolution & DHS
  • French Kiss by Cerebral Vortex & MJJ Prod
  • Frenchies intro by Various
  • FuCK invite by DHS
  • Golden Age by Hysteria
  • Houba by Zuul Design
  • maxYMise directors cut by gwEm
  • Moai by Mystic Bytes & Satantronic
  • Out by Lineout
  • Paracon 6 invite by Paradox
  • Results intro by DHS
  • Siurek by Satantronic
  • Stone Tower by Falcon Users Netherlands
  • The XMAS 2004 demo by Paradox
  • Träl by DHS & Ephidrena
  • VLM by Lineout
  • Bonus: Jaguar 96k intro by TNG
The content of Atariscene 2004 disc two
  • &HF by Idemline
  • 15Ko or 25Ko ? by Idemline
  • 16x16 sprite records by Various
  • 30 candles by Paradox
  • Alive #8 by Alive team
  • Badger by MJJ Prod
  • Beatbox Mania by DHS
  • Better Late Than Never by Ephidrena
  • Braek Point '04 invite by Dildo Fatwa
  • Charcoal The Early Years by Dildo Fatwa
  • D-BUG intros by Various
  • DemoCDs by The Chaos Engine
  • Gloky Cat by MJJ Prod
  • Grazeys Zak Hacks by P.H.F.
  • Hillary Rosen by Dildo Fatwa
  • Jaguar Connexion invite by Orion
  • Kro by Sector One and Paradize
  • Limited sprites by Paulo Simoes
  • Longscreen by X-Troll
  • Manga Mania 2004 by The Chaos Engine
  • Matrix 128b by gwEm
  • RGB split by Paradox
  • Tawnee Stone slideshow by Paradize
  • TBC intros by The Beasts Crew
  • TS intros by The Beasts Crew
  • Xmas 2k4 by Satantronic