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About the project

The Atariscene DVD project started out after many requests on different sites, boards and IRC channels of making Atari demos more visible to the crowd. Sure there are video files to be found here and there - but never in a common file format that could be played on standard consumer DVD-players.
Then there are emulators - while they are possibly great for many things - they aren't the best for watching demos. Frame rate control problems (gosh, scrolltexts really suck at 80Hz VBL when they are made for 50Hz), some demos doesn't work, the better emulators are not cross platform and most of all, the emulators can't run a big part of the demos (Falcon!).
From these basic arguments, the idea of collecting demos as recordings on standard DVD Video media emerged. But how should it be done? Certainly, the easy way out would be a few "best of" DVDs with the cream of all releases. But that would narrow down the selection very dramaticly so in the end we started recording in a year-by-year basis instead.
The next DVD will be for 2005-2006, and we hope it will be out sometime Q1 2007.

Obtaining the Atariscene DVDs

The obvious thing here is to host the DVDs so that everybody can download and burn them. Unfortenly, we have nowhere near that net capacity and our bandwidth bill would be astronomical.
The only way for us is to copy the DVDs and send them via normal mail. And yes, that will cost you money for media, print, box and shipping. We are selling the double DVDs for nine (9) euros, including shipping anywhere in the world. We're not breaking even on long-distance orders, but instead earning a little on closer (EU and Sweden) orders which we hope will make up for the others.

Legal stuff

The nature of demos has always been free, as in free beer. No money shall they cost and nobody should make a profit of them. Despite we're selling DVDs here, we're not charging for any work made - only for the material and shipping. And if (quite unlikely) there are left over money, it will be donated to Atari.Org - for continued support to the demoscene with big hosted projects such as Fading Twilight, No Fragments and Falcdemos.
Of course, this also means that the Atariscene DVDs are free to duplicate and spread on further. But we pledge you to not do dodgy DivX/Xvid/VCD/whatever releases of the DVD. Please copy the entire DVDs when you replicate it. And at the downloads page you can get the full 300DPI colour cover pictures to print for yourself as well.