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In order to keep things as simple as possible, we're selling the DVD at a fixed price, including shipping costs. The price is valid world-wide.
Some people might argue that they should have cheaper shipping - and rightfully argue about that. But, we're not fully breaking even on shipments outside the EU, so orders from inside EU and especially Sweden is sponsoring the long-way shipments a bit. Yes, perhaps unfair but much easier for us to maintain. Keep it or leave it.


We're asking for nine (9) euros per copy of the Atariscene 1985-1988, Atariscene 2003 or Atariscene 2004 double DVDs. If you order more than one, simply multiply the cost with the number of copies you order.


Again, to keep things as simple as possible for us we are only accepting one way paying for the shipment. And that's PayPal (
Before you send any money over PayPal, we would very much like you to send your order via E-Mail to with the subject "ATARISCENE DVD".
Please fill out this textfile and attach it to the above mail. You can use any text editor for this task. We will then confirm your order and send back details of the PayPal procedure.


We usually ship the same day as your PayPal money transfer is done, unless it is after 17.00 (CET), then it is shipped the morning after. With reservations for eventual stock shortage.


Perhaps we've missed to cover some topic here, or you're full of rage to see your demo included to the DVD, please get in touch with us at and we'll try to help you.
Thanks for your interest in the Atariscene DVDs!